Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sweet Samuel

In my last post I shared some photos of my cousin Jenny's baby girl, Lydia. I talked about her big brother, Sammy. Well, I had the opportunity to take photos of Sammy when he was born too. 

 Baby Sammy, little

 These may have been pictures of the only moment he 
slept at this age... He was even busy smiling 

Anyway, Sam has passed his first birthday and when I went to see his baby sister Lydia I had a chance to play a bit with Sam while I snapped some quick pictures!

He was so sweet and lovey with his little sister:

I'm not too sure if Lydia is totally 
down with it all but it's obvious
Sammy is sold. oxoxo

Seriously, how cute is he? I'm not sure if he totally trusted
the idea of me laying on the ground with him...

Pondering the weird lady with the camera...

Maybe I'm ok...

 Sweet!! I'm in!

 Oh Sammy, you're so darling!

  Grandma is so in love 
with her grandbabies and they love her too.
It was so cute to watch them together. It totally 
reminded me of when my cousins were babies... 

PS Sammy has the best eyebrows ever! I love this little

Laughing so hard! I LOVE it
when tinys are so happy!

Sweet Sammy love!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby Love

In early November my cousin, Jenny had her second baby! She is a darling baby girl named Lydia. She was such a tiny little peanut when she was born. I saw Lydia just a few weeks later and she had grown quite a bit but was still such a tiny.

 Lydia with Jenny her Mama

 Here is My Aunt JoAnn with her daughter Jenny 
with her daughter Lydia.

Lydia's big brother, Samuel loves her so much. He was so sweet towards her. When I was taking pictures of Lydia he kept coming over and loving on her. I started hearing this little humming sound. Then it started sounding like someone saying awwwwe awwwe... Then I realized it was Sammy! He was making the "cute little baby awwwe" sound over and over. It was so darling I could die. Every time he hugged her or loved on her he would do it. While I was editing these images all I could hear in my mind was awwwe, awwwe. He is so precious. 

Lydia with her big brother, Sam

Lydia enjoyed us right until about the time we thought we'd put her on her tummy and then in a split second she was completely done with our idea of what our photo shoot was going to be like. When I had my first baby girl she cried for the first twelve weeks straight and I would have never attempted to have pictures taken of her professionally.  But sometimes a mini shoot is just what you need. I shot for about ten minutes and was able to get several beautiful images Jenny will have forever. In the intern I was able to capture some darling images of Sammy that I'll share with you next time.  A photo shoot doesn't always have to be "somewhere" or for hours, it can also be quick and easy in a safe and relaxed environment. My goal is to capture moments of your life not the whole thing.

Many Thanks to Jenny, JoAnn, Samuel and Miss Lydia for letting me spend a little bit of time with them in this moment that wont ever be exactly like this again.