Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More Senior Portraits!

Here are our "inland" portraits of Amanda. We decided to walk around our neighborhood to get a few pictures of her to finish up her Senior shoot. Once again we left the house later than we wanted to and I was actually surprised that the spring sun was SO different from my usual fall spots that I like to shoot. It was fun though because it made us adventure more than usual.

Into about ten minutes of the shoot Amanda started yawning and so I did too and then the cold wind started blowing. Then Steve called to tell me my other two daughters just spilled coffee on my white couches at home! That was all it took for Amanda and me to skidaddle on home! 

We like shooting but we do it together so often that we're totally happy to hit it fast and personally, I LOVE what we shot!

 This is my favorite image of the shoot. So Amanda
on every level.
PS The tattoo is a temp that she forgot to take off
so I actually made it look newer here but removed 
it on some of the other images. You know, like the
 ones for Grandmas and stuff.

 This is pretty classic of Amanda when she's in trouble...
Right?! How could anyone get mad at that face?

The rest of these are just me, watching her and 
just hanging out. 

 I like flare and Amanda likes flare so yeah we have
a lot of flare in these pictures. 

That's my middle girl who's getting ready to head out into the big wide world. She has some great plans to go to art school and to make some fabulous stuff with her hands and heart. She's strong and brave and wonderful! Happy Graduation Pandy Bear, I love you, sugar.