Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas is Coming, The Goose is getting Fat!

We are quickly approaching my favorite time of the year! As soon as Thanksgiving was over I began to decorate for Christmas. I am especially excited this year for the holiday because my Las Vegas family is coming out to stay!! I wanted to write a little about Christmas at our house so I quick took some shots of our decorations and thought I would share them.

The little snowman above is a painted ceramic piece that my Mom made when I was a little girl. It is the first decoration I put out every year. My first memory of it was on December 7th 1971. We had just moved into our condo (which I grew up in) and before we even had carpet on the floors I remember finding him in a box and putting him on the gas fireplace. So every year I start the holiday out by putting him on my fireplace mantel!!

Speaking of the fireplace, this is ours. My middle daughter and I love winter for so many reasons! One of the top three reasons has to be because we can finally have fires in the fireplace without looking crazy. Living in So. California we don't get cold weather very often so when we do Amanda and I light a fire!

Last year I looked everywhere for blue stockings. I guess it's weird to have blue stockings because no one sells them. I decided to make my own so I bought all the fabric and trimmings. Two days before Christmas I was still sewing and the sewing machine broke. Long story short, I hand sewed all five stockings in two days and I don't think I slept till they were done. Sewing is not my forte but the girls liked the colors and gems so I was happy.

Amanda's stocking

Emma's stocking- must have FANCY!

While we were decorating the mantel my youngest daughter Emma asked me if we were over doing it on purpose. My answer was YES! Of course we were over doing it! Besides this is the "Star Garland" and I just want to know if one can ever have too many stars?? I think NO.
sparkle sparkle!

Next is the "Jingle Bell Garland" Self explanatory...

While hanging this garland Amanda and I had loads of fun balancing on the back and arms of the couch with an occasional fall into the blinds.

Now onto the "Snowman Garland"! These little guys are so cute I would love to have them all over the house. They came from a Department 56 line called "SnowBiz". Unfortunately the line only lasted one year and they decided to stop making them. =( I was forced to add a couple of Pier 1 snowmen to thicken my collection...

This little snow biz guy is a candy dish
how cute is that??

We kind of feel like if it doesn't move we decorate it. Our house looks like the Christmas section in a department store...

Christmas books are a must! We use them like Christmas music! We only read them during the holidays and then they are gone until next year!! Right now we have them all over the living room tables.
As much as I love beautiful snow globes I keep cheap ones on the table so the children can carry them around and shake them all day long.

More stuff that didn't move...

Lastly, we have the tree! You would have to know me to really understand how I feel about the tree. Until last year I decorated the tree alone and believe me when I tell you how much heat I took for that.

First, you have to realize When I was a child I was never allowed to decorate the tree. My Mom made a beautiful tree with birds, velvet fruit, and satin ribbons. Crazy beautiful. Naturally, when I had my own place and tree I wanted to decorate it myself and for many years I did. Last year I realized someday I will be all alone again and will wish I had three little girls here to decorate my tree!
Last year Emma was the first child to decorate "my" tree and at 4 years old she did a wonderful job! My heart was blessed and it overflowed with a happiness I never knew before.

This year Amanda, Emma and I spent two days listening to Christmas music and decorating, as I said, everything in OUR house that didn't move!

I pray God blesses you during this CHRISTMAS season and fills your New Year with fantastical adventures and shenanigans!

And "May God bless us all everyone!"
- Tiny Tim

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  1. I love it! I love the holidays as much as you guys and we can't wait to come and stay. Great job!!!