Monday, June 21, 2010

A Quick Hello...

I just wanted to check in. With getting ready for the graduation party of the century, photo jobs, and end of school activities, I haven't been able to fit in the blogging. While I've been working on a large blog regarding an interior shoot I did, I thought I'd just say a quick hello. (As if I could say anything quick...)

Last night was Father's Day and I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the beach and take pictures of a great family. Sherry Chetwood is one of my girlfriends from my women's group at church. We've shared precious time together and I love her like a sister. When she asked me to take pictures of her family I couldn't resist. Sherry's oldest son Tim is getting ready to leave for the Army and this was one of their last chances to be together for a while.

You know, we all go through this process of growing up in our families. It can be so much fun, and so painful, and it can take us beyond any blessings we ever imagined. With older children we struggle with wanting them to become adults while wanting them to stay little. We push them into the world yet run behind them with our safety nets, just in case. Then comes the day they leave us and we feel that bitter sweetness of letting go. The job we started 20 years before is ending, at least in the way we've always know it.

It's an amazing process and their sweet family is right in the middle of this whirlwind. If there was one thing I noticed while playing at the beach with them was just the deep binding love they all have for each other. The kind of love that surpasses our understanding, and makes it through the hard times, and embraces the good times with joy and laughter. And I can tell you last night my face hurt from all the laughter.

Sherry, thank you for letting me share this night with you and your family. It was such a blessing! oxoxox

David, Sherry, Tim, Matt, and Lauren Chetwood


Matthew, as Mom likes it...

David, Tim, and Matt
I love that moment when you realize you may not
win the fight because your sons have become men.

Total Mom love!

Imagine having this one in 20 years

The sunset was beautiful. These three kids were so
affectionate with each other and it was so
evident in all the images.

I can't imagine another woman
loving her children more deeply than she does

That's all for now because I don't want to spoil the fun of Sherry seeing all her images for the first time. So I'll sign off until next time. One of the wonderful aspects of being a photographer is the people you meet, and the moments of life you're allowed to share with them.

To Tim, may the Lord keep you safe and healthy and may your
family's love go with you into the next step of your journey.


  1. Kelley,

    A real nice post this accompanied by some very natural photos that clearly show the love and closeness of the family concerned without it looking staged; really nice job!

    I particularly like #7 (The sunset was beautiful...) ... To me this is a winner: composition, lighting, mood all spot on.

    Hearing and now seeing families getting on like this is something very special. On a personal note I come from a large family (4 sisters, 3 brothers) but through 'challenges' I don't see, and haven't seen any of them for a number of years and as for my parents well, I'm sad to say it's the same there too. Without going into detail, I guess there's only so many times you can have the 'door' closed on you.

    That being said, I do so love to see families getting on; it's something very special and something that has to be cherished.

    Best wishes to you,

  2. Glyn,
    Thanks for commenting. I agree, it is not a slight thing to enjoy the love of a family.

    I'm sad to read your comments because I think you're a wonderful man and friend. To have your family miss out on that is a shame. Life is too short, although I really can understand how things happen. It seems to me you and Mrs D are a wonderful little family and how much of a treasure is that?!

    I think what sets the tone in a family is the way a parent loves. The parents in this family have really lived with an unconditional love of their children and a "stick to it'ness" that makes a difference. Families are hard work but when we put in the time and effort, it pays off.

    Sending you by best wishes, always!


  3. Kelley,

    You have such an Amazing talent of capturing the most critical moment, seconds with the click of your shutter! The Chetwood's are blessed in so many ways, the most recent blessing was their photo shoot with you! How Wonderful and Warm your images are Kelley.
    I am proud and blessed to call you friend. These images remind me of just how precious our time is together.
    Thank You ever so much for sharing them!

    Love & Blessings Always,

  4. Aww Kimmie, you're a blessing to me. love you girl!


  5. Kelley, what a great post with fantastic photos. These will definitely be the ones to cherish and keep and become a family heirloom.

    it is very special seeing a family together like this and what an honour to be asked to take the shots! Without a doubt photography opens the doors to meeting all sorts of wonderful people.

    thanks for posting these incredible images Kelley,

    all the best

  6. Noel, thanks so much for the wonderful words! And thanks for checking it out!

    Best wishes to you! Kel

  7. Hi Kelley,

    A great set of family photographs with some lovely words. It certainly looks like a great location, especially for capturing those golden hours of light. Like Glyn I think #7 is a great shot, but I also like the tranquility of the silhouetted final image.

    Our role as a parent never really ends, it just evolves and changes depending on the age group of our children: from a directing role when they're young, to a supporting role during adolescence and then a consultant role in their adult / parenting era.

    Best of luck for Tim in the Army btw.

    @Glyn - Families seem to bring out the best / worst in people. I can empathise with the closed door scenario you raise - I encounter all sorts of family dynamics when counselling. But whilst our family is something we can't choose, I'm sure you form really strong, close friendships with key individuals you know who are "family" to you.

    Best wishes,


  8. Thanks for the nice comments. I have to agree with you on the evolution of parenthood. I find I am more like a sheep dog/cheer leader during the teen years, and I'm really looking forward to the years of friendship and consultation in my future.

    I am always happy to be a recipient of your wisdom, and really glad you stopped by.

    Many thanks,