Sunday, November 21, 2010


So, I ran across these photos while I was hunting for my next blog entry. I love these pictures of my older girls playing Twister. They're really funny and very entertaining people. One day they just decided to play the game and I, of course, thought it was a great opportunity to take pictures. What better way to practice shooting at different angles. I use times like this (when there's no pressure) to see what things look like from different perspectives. My teacher and friend, Walter Urie, once said to me that the only two things you can't change in a photo are the focus and the angle at which you shot it. Always keeping these things in mind I like push them both when I shoot. I am known to climb on tables, chairs, and walls. I also crawl around on the ground and shoot from my back.

Who wants to see life from the same direction we see it from every day? Make it new, make it interesting, twist it up!

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  1. Hi Kelley,
    great shots, love the energy; I can imagine the scene now...'just hold on, right leg up a bit, left hand to blue... thats it!, hold it!'
    Brilliant and yep, I can really follow the sentiment!