Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just a Little Peace of Light

I mentioned in my last post that I recently spent some time with my big sister in Vancouver, Washington. She is an amazing woman and lives in what I see as a place of peace and quiet. She may not see it that way because she is engulfed in all the craziness of day to day life there. However, when I went there all alone I had over 1,000 miles to decompress from my everyday life of being a mother of three girls, keeping a house, making pictures and co-leading a group of 15 women. My life usually runs at 100 miles an hour as I'm sliding into home base with loud music, laughter and crying all around me. (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my life, wouldn't trade it for the world but a time out is needed sometimes) 

I drove along the face of California, and stoped to play at my Mom's house for a night. The next morning I began my journey at day break. I listened to EEDay and ate snacks while I watched the sun rise over the snowy Mt. Shasta. It was wonderful and calming. I think my heart actually started pumping at a slower pace. I was getting into the mode of relaxation. 

Just after lunch time I arrived at my sister, Cathy's house. I was so happy to see her and slide into her life of working out, playing with kitties, and sitting quietly by a "table fire".(PS yeah, she's on summer break) In the mornings we read a couple different devotionals, and all day we talked about our hearts, dreams, disappointments and blessings. I met her wonderful neighbors, trainers, and her BFF Annie P. It was such a great time of laughter, tears and regrouping that I never wanted to leave. Each day that I'm home I feel a void in my heart that was created when I drove away from my sister's house. 

There is something magical that happens at Cathy's house. I'm not sure what to name it but she has a green thumb that can't be described in words. Things grow there. Not just plants, however, her plants grow really big and in places they shouldn't when they should have probably died. But it feels like part of my spirit grew there. As I spent time in the Washington sun I grew on the inside and as the sun set I found peace in my heart. Each day it happened like this. I started to worry that I was manic because surely to feel this happy could only mean something was wrong with me. Right?

For my first post about my visit there I wanted to invite you into one of my favorite spots at her house. Welcome to Cathy's backyard. She has many lovely plants and trees and decorations but what I loved most about it was the way the light flirted with everything in it. We spent most of our time out there durning the sunset hours. We had a fire, we ate dinner there and even roasted marshmallows. My intention with these images is to show you the tiny spots of light and hopefully you can imagine the peace one might feel as they sit nestled among them.  Enjoy!

The sun sets through fabulous pine
trees that protect her view from a
school field.

See how the light stretches out on all
the leaves as thought it's settling in 
for the evening? Welcome home sweet

While I looked around I could see all these
little pieces of light hitting unexpected places
and flashing a spotlight on them.

 A chair
 Only the handle to the umbrella

 Every crack in each slat of the fence
invited the light in.

 Here the solar powered butterflies where
anticipating the moment they would entertain
us with their magical lights.

 The usual became special  
 This reminded me of the "moon" I have at home
and it sparked conversation about my blessings.
What lovely dancing light that kissed these faces.

I'm not sure what looked better,
the lime and it's bubbles or the fire
warming it's glassy shape.

 Hello! where are you?

 Here is my sister Cathy basking in the 

We're pretty famous for being funny. It's sort of a genetic thing. We love to laugh more than anything else we do. Infact, we think things are funny when they aren't supposed to be, especially when they aren't supposed to be, right Mom? I just LOVE these images of her laughing, they make me so happy and draw my heart back to my wonderful week spent in a place of peace, love and laughter at Cathy's house.



  1. This is great :) sure wish I could have some decompress time!

  2. Oh Heather, we all do right??? Thank you for stopping by and for commenting. I read your bio and having two teenagers is reason enough for an occasional debrief!

    All the best!

  3. Oh how wonderful! Sheer delight! Cathy's house certainly is a journey into another time and space of tranquility. Yes, I know all about the giggles, because you girls are so entertaining...I start laughing too and not knowing why, other than just catching the contagion. This has been going on since you were tiny kidlets, especially after a full tummy! Beautiful job Kel-Bel putting this cherished sisterhood into words and capturing the heavenly light plays of the setting sun.

    Dearly love you both,


  4. This was such a sweet post to read! Love that you got to spend time with your sister & RELAX! We all really do need that from time to time.

  5. @ Mom, Thank you! You're a peach! oxoxoxo

    @Kelley, thanks for stopping by! I love catching up in the breakroom this week! So nice to see you!