Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Halloween has come and gone. I think the best thing about it is it marks the entry of the holiday season. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas! I had to pull out all my Christmas cookbooks and craft books to decide what I would be making this year to decorate with! I can't wait to make cookies and crafts and presents!! It's the best time ever and the cold in the air is making it just that much better!!

Hello Halloween! Thank you for bringing in the wonderful holidays full of family and love!!

What are your favorite things about the holidays?? 

 Enjoy Emma's Lala Loopsy costume! We made it the day of Halloween, just like I did as a kid. 


  1. Hi Kel!
    So glad I stopped by today! Emma is by far the cutest Lala Loopsy I have Ever seen! I'm with you...Halloween comes and goes...you blink and it is Christmas! My favorite part of the Holiday season is the Joy it brings and feeling so very Blessed to have friends like you and a healthy, happy family. The smell of pine trees (does candle form count) ? Bright lights (shiny)! Baking cookies, decorating, ribbon, creating gifts, crisp air, giving, being thankful, and most of all Celebrating the Birth of Jesus!
    Thanks, Kel, for bringing a smile to my face today :-)) Love you my Friend! Let's craft together in the near future!

  2. Awesome!! Kimmie thanks for stopping by and sharing! You just got me even more excited about Christmas!! You made my day by commenting, you're such a peach!
    I love you my friend, I'm totally down to craft!