Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beautiful Light

At the end of fall I had the opportunity to meet with my cousin-in-law, Mallory at her family's stables for a little late afternoon photo shoot. I really think the best thing about late fall early winter is the amazing light. It's just looks so clean and crisp. The sky is so very blue and the shadows reach across the ground with such effort I can hardly stand it. 

On this day it seemed to be perfect as the light shone lazily through the yellowing tree leaves and their shadows stretched across the trails. We walked along quiet trails and chatted about Halloween costumes, taking a couple of shots here and there. It was fun, relaxing and so wonderful to be out there I had a hard time going home. 

Even in Southern California we have beautiful places like this where we can slow down and take some time to smell the... hay.

 How cute is this cowgirl with her pink hair?? Love it!

 This was my favorite shot of the day.

 Mal's eyes are such a crazy green, they are gorgeous!

 I'm loving her smile in this one. We had such a great time
and it really was effortless on every level

 You all know how much I loves me some flare! 
It was everywhere!

 Love the light in his tail.

 When we walked around a corner and I saw this spot
I could not believe the light. It took my breath away.I 
couldn't get there fast enough.

 My cousin, Matt was with us and I was so happy to 
take a minute to include him in the shoot. They're a
darling couple.


It was a great afternoon and I found a secret to a great shoot that day. When Mallory and I talked about what type of shoot we wanted to do I knew in my head what I wanted the images to look like. Over the next few weeks I searched 1970's photography because I knew I was seeing flare, yellow/orange and backlit highlights on hair. I gathered images and imagined what I wanted so when I arrived the canvas was already in my head. As they say, luck favors the prepared and that day I felt really lucky as the images fell into my camera.


  1. Thanks for the beautiful photography, you do amazing work!

  2. Aww Thanks Matt! You're awesome and I just love your wife, thanks for bringing her into the family. Get ready for some gaming for Christmas!!

  3. Hey, way to go Kelley!!! This is a superb series of images...you totally rocked this shoot!

    Love them!
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. You did such a wonderful job! You are the best Kelley xo!

  5. You got some great shots that day! Congratulations!!!

  6. @Mal, Thank you beauty!
    @Susan, Thanks, nice to see you!

  7. Great pictures, Kelley! Thanks for sharing!