Monday, April 5, 2010

The Many Faces of Water

Water, I love it. I could sit forever and stare into a swimming pool, watching the water move, the shadows change as they slide and pop on the bottom of the pool. I love to watch bugs floating on the surface of a pool cast magical shadows on the bottom.

Everywhere I go I find water to take pictures of. I'm drawn to it and compelled to gaze into it. I love the light that dances off the face of water, changing the colors and casting insane specular stars of light all over my face and blinding me. I love floating in water and being deafened by its silence as I sink slowly into its body. I dream of breathing under water and swimming under vast glistening oceans. I'm so at home in water and feel a sweet kinship with it.

So here it is, my love affair with water and its many wonderful faces.

I have many of these images printed in a 22"x17" size and they are fabulous! My dream is to see them all at about 8'x10'!


  1. SO GORGEOUS!!! I am in love with your images of water. You are a.mazing.

  2. Awesome images Kel. They are really pretty and really show your love of water and it's many faces. xoxoxo

  3. Thank you loves! Chelle, you need to find a client that wants a giant one, they are so fab when they're big.

  4. Kelly, love the shots of the water, inspiring and thought provoking. I also love the 'invisible black background shots' Glyn also showed me that technique - he is a good friend, we often shoot together. Small world!!

    BTW thanks for the comment on my blog - have a look at my comment back to you...

    best of luck