Thursday, July 22, 2010


In my last post I talked about my visit to Las Vegas. Since I was basically going out to work I left my family at home. However, when I go to Vegas I am still surrounded by family. My sisters and I thought this visit would be a perfect time for a girls' night out. We started in the late afternoon at a water front restaurant named Marche' Bacchus. I was with my big sister Cathy and my little sister Michelle. We planned on later meeting up with our fabulous sister-in-law Korbi.

The afternoon was hot (remember its Vegas) but very relaxing. We ate wonderful food and had a nice glass of wine but the best part of being together is always the conversation. I'm pretty sure I have the most wonderful sisters ever made. We are honest and fair and actually like each other as friends. When we are with each other the one guarantee is that we will be laughing. I am so impressed at how smart these women are and creative and passionate about their lives and careers. They are also two of the funniest women I have ever met.

We are all very passionate about food which may be genetic...

Our Bacchus plate of many wonderful delicacies.
We just ordered plates of food and shared everything.
But I think Cathy ate all that bread.... ok not really.

Notice the french fries on that back plate.
They were wonderful but the black birds loved them too.
While Chelle was eating one a bird landed on her ring and
tried to peck it out of her hand. I was really wishing
I had my camera to my eye for that one.
Thank goodness for big jewelry. The other guests looked at
her in amazement as she yelled out in the restaurant,
"Don't order the Fries!"
It wasn't as funny when the bird attacked that elderly lady...

We are so much alike and so different...
I see this picture must have been taken before Cath ate all the bread... umm not really.

This duck was standing next to my chair and I was fearful she
would try to steal my fries. She's so cute.

Cathy and Michelle

Michelle and me

Cathy and me. I would really like to know where her
gray hair is...

We moved on to Sedona Bar and Lounge to meet up with Korbi, our little brother's wife. For the rest of the evening we sat outside in the heat and talked about our dreams and what we want for our futures. We fantasized about all of us living in the same place so we can grow old together. Again, we laughed so hard I know I cried a couple times. We ate more french fries, (bird safe this time) fruit, and calamari. We talked until the sun went down and our waiter was going home. Girls' night out has changed for me over the years and I can't imagine anything I would want to do over sitting in the company of these three wonderful women.

Korbi, my sister by marriage fits right in with us. What a blessing we got with that girl!

I'll take it if its called bubble gum...

Cathy and Korbi

It was a wonderful time of relaxing and talking and we finished the night off with a visit to our Mom and Dad at their house. Where else can you show up at 11 pm? As we walked in the door my Mom yelled, "Oh Geez, the girls are back in town, watch out!"

PS Just a little note to let my Baby brother Michael know how much I love him
and if he were a girl we would invite him to go out with us too!
I'm pretty sure he stayed home thanking
God he isn't a girl. LOL


  1. What a great post, Kel. I'm glad you guys have such a great relationship. Looks like fun!

  2. Thanks Stevie, and no you're not invited either. LOL

  3. Hi Kelley,

    Sounds like you girls had a blast, despite losing some food to the wildlife :-)

    Relaxing drink of your choice + good food + good company = good craic (as we say in Ireland)

  4. David, thanks for visiting and commenting! You are so right!

  5. Thanks Mal! I'm really loving your profile pic too! oxox

  6. Hey Kelley,

    Thought I'd drop by and say hi :)

    You really do have a real skill / a knack for documenting with photographs. Looking through the photos in this post I almost feel like I experienced the laughs, the chat, the food... and as David said, it looked like a blast.

    Thanks for sharing :)
    All the very best to you,

  7. Glyn,
    Thanks so much for stopping by. I think what you said is wonderful and I have to think about that some more. It really is a good time when we all get together for sure.

    Thanks again, always a pleasure!