Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hey Hey! I got my picture taken!

So maybe you would think it odd for me to promote another photographer on my photography blog. Then again, maybe you know a bit about my personality and wouldn't be surprised at all. My favorite thing to do on Twitter is to pass on beautiful photography created by other photographers. I follow other photographers so I can see their work. What a shame to not know that each eye sees the world through its own view and no matter how similar photographers are, each one has their own voice or breath that is solely unique to their view of the world.

Kaysha Weiner and I went to school together. We met in Art photography and I immediately just fell in love with her. She was not typical of many younger students, because she actually put a ton of time and effort into her projects, and created work from her heart. I also felt kindred to her because she had recently moved from Northern California where I had spent several of the best years of my life. Well, over the last few years I've been able to see her grow into a wonderful photographer. She is a passionate and sensitive portrait photographer and really shines in wedding photography. Kaysha writes a blog and is on Facebook, and was recently featured in other professional publications for her photography.

When I thought about who I wanted to take some professional photos for me it was an easy choice. When I look at Kaysha's photography I see a special softness, maybe a quiet whisper. It feels warm like a summer day. Her images feel like Sunday afternoons and lemonade. I don't know about you, but I really like all those things, and when I shoot I feel a happy place in my heart and its the same place all those other feelings I just described belong. So, when I want to represent myself professionally, that's the feeling I want to sing out on my pages.

We met up on my 45th birthday and walked around my hometown and took pictures. We laughed, chatted, hopped over a bit of mud and climbed a couple of hills trying all the while to avoid many, many ants on the trees and ground. It was a wonderful time especially watching the sun set into the foothills.

Enjoy the images and to see more, check out Kaysha's blog. She really has some wonderful images and stories being told there. PS she's on Twitter too!

This is one of my favorites because of the fact my life changed
when I lost 30% use of my hands. I thought, "wow my hands
look so old!" Then I remembered to appreciate the hands I
do have and how well they have served me even though they
are so tired.

Hmm, I say lemonade

Thank you Kaysha, for your time and your sweetness. It was a great experience, and I wish you all the success you in the world!


  1. These images are beautiful! I agree Kaysha is awesome!

  2. @trueblissphotgraphy, Thank you and so true about that girl! I, of course, had to check out your work and its simply wonderful. Thank you so much for stoping by and leaving a comment.

    @Cathy Thank you my beautiful sister! mwwwaaahh!

  3. You look fantastic. I really like 2,6,10,11 they seem to capture this beautiful essence.

    I'm going to have to check out your friends photos.

  4. Thank you, Jorge for the kind words and for stoping by and commenting. For sure check out Kaysha's work, you'll love it, its very real and lovely.

    All the best!

  5. Absolutely wonderful series of images Kelley!

    Very difficult to choose a favourite...I love them all because each one captures you so well.

    BIG thumbs up to Kaysha; another blog to add to my Google Reader.

    Best wishes to you Kelley,