Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last Night at the Beach

So, I'm finally down to my last post of Oak Island beach in North Carolina. School starts tomorrow for my two youngest daughters and I thought it was fitting to post our last night of beach vacation today. I only have one post after this but this night of photos gave me the same feeling I have today. It is a feeling of closure, or that feeling of getting back to the security of your life's normal routine. We had a wonderful night but there was this peace in my heart knowing that I was almost going to be home.

Just like I'm excited to get back on my work schedule this week, I am also excited to start blogging different ideas and thoughts that I have been holding back on because of this vacation series. I love how my friend Glyn Dewis blogged his ten day holiday on one page and it has taken me several weeks to get through 7 days. Clearly, I tend to be rather chatty and winded. If you have been here thanks for coming by and enjoying our vacation memories with us.

On this evening we walked on the shore line and played in the foamy splash of the waters. We walked with Millie and our kids. As it became dark, my lens fogged over with humid moisture from the ocean and I love the effect. It was peaceful and happy. Enjoy!

Down to the shore with Manda

Beautiful Emma

Our path to the ocean

My peeeps

Doug brought his camera

Beautiful Molly

Wonderful Max

Miss Ems and her beast friend Millie

My handsome "boyfriend"

Sheesh, what's up with everyone taking pictures of me?


Dads and shop talk...

Manda is never too busy to return your text...

Flying Molly

Mr. Doug

PS Sisters are a wonderful thing!

This is one of two pictures I have of my long time friend,
Mary. I wish I had more pictures of her but she was in a
no-shoot zone. I love this picture of her, Max, and Millie.

Thank you to my friends, the McManus family for inspiring us to fly across the country for a week in a place none of us had ever been. Oak Island will be a part of us forever.


  1. Another awesome post, Kel. I'll be happy about getting back to routine too, but there's still part of me that wants to be back on the beach with nothing to do but play. Great shots, the frosty look on the last ones is cool. I love you.

  2. Great shots Kelley and I have no doubt Oak Island will be part of you for ever. Its amazing how a place can do that!

    I like the last two as well and the one of your 'handsome boyfriend' is a great shot too.

    all the best

  3. Great end to a great series of posts Kelley; nice job!

    Hope you're not having too much of the 'Holiday Blues' :)

    Best wishes to you and yours,

  4. Glyn, I'm having too much of the "I better get back to work blues!"
    Thanks for stopping by its always nice to hear from you!

    Noel, You are right about a place becoming a part of you! Thanks on the shots!

    Steve, Thank hon, the frosty shots are going to send me to the Canon place to get my camera cleaned! LOL

    Thanks you you all for stopping by!
    All the best to you!