Sunday, August 29, 2010

Teenagers Rock!

If you know me you may know I have a fascination with light. I can't ever go into a low light situation without taking at least one distorted, blurred, or smeared image of the lights around me. They're magical!

Not all adults are as amazed by these images as I am. However, I haven't met a teenager yet that wasn't willing to play along with me and the lights! The above image is from a little fish/shrimp shack we ate at during our trip. It had white lights all over the ceiling so I couldn't resist. Mary and I had this really great idea to take a picture of the kids in front of the lighthouse with a long exposure. I was sure I could get a trail of light as it traveled around the house. When we arrived we found to our dismay that is were three lights and there was no single light to follow. No matter what I did I couldn't get the effect I wanted.

All was not lost because all the kids were more than willing to go out to the shore at night and take some long exposure images. Thank goodness for the dads who of course carry flash lights...

This is an odd shot at the lighthouse.



Amanda's hair, ooo ahh


Look at Em's face in this one. Creeeepy...



Its very nice to have a limber person model for you.

All the kids! I think Max looks the happiest, and Alix is
ready to take off.

The three "little" girls. They were amazing models.

Manda has wings... Imagine the possibilities.

As we were walking back to the houses I snapped this
picture and looked at it. I said, "Oh man, we have to go back
and shoot some more with that flashlight!" Of course the
kids were all over that.

Alix's handiwork:

A little ying and yang

Amanda's Handiwork:

Molly's Handiwork:

Emma's Handiwork:

PS My Favorite.

Sending out a special thanks to all of you Simpsotek and McManus kids that were willing to hang out with me in the dark, humid, damp, and windy night to play with flash lights and a camera. You guys are cool. This post is for you! Enjoy!!


  1. Hi Kelley,
    lovely set of shots. I really like the energy and dynamic flow of all them. My favourite would be the same as your, though I do like the light house one too.

    Teenagers - its amazing what happens when they let the creativity flow!

    all the best,

  2. Superb!!! Exactly what photography is all about....having fun and experimenting.

    Best wishes to you,

  3. Thank you for your comments Gentlemen. Fun times here!

    All the best to you both! Kelley

  4. Hi Kelley,

    Firstly apologies for not being a visitor here for quite sometime!

    Secondly, I really like Alix’s work with the flashlight. With such photographs I’m always reminded of Photograms (or Rayograms as Man Ray called them). I know they’re not exactly the same thing but I like the abstract simplicity of such playing with light photo’s.

    Funnily enough though much as I quite like such style of photographs I’ve only recently had a go at it, with some sparklers & glow sticks. The results were, err, let’s say variable (it’s much harder to write legibly in the air that you may at first think). It was definitely fun though so something I’ll be trying again.



  5. David, So nice to see you!! Thanks for stopping by. Agreed on the Man Ray work, it was very edgy for that time.

    Enjoy, and have a great time trying out all the new stuff, I was thinking about shooting with some very old cameras I have.

    Hope I hear from you again,
    all the best, Kelley