Saturday, August 14, 2010

The House

I am a homebody. I know this about myself and I accept it. In my brain I want to travel the world but in my heart I just want to stay home and sleep in my own bed. Being that this is the case I feel I am being very brave and adventurous when I leave my home state to explore any new place.

Because of how I am I really need a place to stay that I'm comfy in and feel at home. Don't get me wrong, I'm the easy going house guest that will sleep on your floor if that's what I need to do. I just know that for 7 days I need some space I can go to that is my own. This brings me to the house we stayed at in North Carolina. I was really geared up to staying in a "shack". My mind set was in place and I was ready to rough it.

The first night of our vacation we arrived at Doug and Mary's beach house after 8pm and were lucky enough to stay with them until our "shack" was ready the next day. So after a wonderful dinner and talking in the on deck rocking chairs, all five of us went to bed. (We took over Max's room, thanks Max!) Three of us slept in one bed and two in the other. Everyone was exhausted from the travel and looking forward to getting settled in the next day.

Morning came and we started moving into our place. When I walked in I can't tell you how excited I was. I've stayed in some wonderful places but this beach shack (that wasn't a shack at all) was the coolest place I've ever stayed. We had three rooms and big beds and two bathrooms and decks all over the outside. Half the house was windows that looked out to the sea! I could not believe I was going to get to stay here for a whole week!

I quickly moved our stuff in while Steve and Alix went to buy as much junk food from the grocery store as they could.

This is our little house from the online rental add.

Our dinning room and living room.
Notice all the windows, oooo ahhh.

Here is the kitchen, dinning and a peek into the
hallway and bedrooms. I totally LOVED the decor
it was crazy and fabulous in a kooky way.
How much do you love that little couch in the

This is the master bedroom. I could hear the ocean rolling
all night through those open windows. Yes, we brought
our own sheets. I also brought my own pillow, which helps
me with the homebody issues.

Here is the ridiculous view from our deck.

So, here I am just sitting on that cute little kitchen
couch looking out my door. It's about 95 degrees
Fahrenheit with about, I don't know, 80 to 90%
humidity. All the doors are open with a crazy breeze
Just looking out my front door. Hmmm, what to do
what to do?

Oh I found plenty to do, trust me.


  1. Hi Kelley,

    Now that's a holiday home location to get jealous of - a few short steps and you're on the warm sand and enjoying the ocean.

    I guess given your nature as explained above, you gotta have those "home" comforts to try to give you that at ease feeling when you're not at Chez Simpson. Given that we spend an awful lot of time asleep (and its importance!) you gotta get that comfort factor - so if putting your own bedding on the temporary bed gives you that, then more power to you.

    As much as it's nice to get away from home for little breaks, you don't appreciate home quite as much until you're away from it. Indeed one of life's little pleasures is getting back from holiday and that feeling of sleeping in your own bed again! :-)

    Looking forward to reading more....

    Best wishes,


  2. David,
    Exactly! You always get it! Thanks for reading, really thanks so much!

  3. Kelley, if that's a shack then I want one!!!
    I know what you mean about being someone who likes to be at home; it's lovely to go away and explore but there's something real special about getting back into your own bed.

    The 'Shack' looks incredible. I could sooooo picture myself sat there looking out with a glass of something cold (preferably a beer) in my hand just relaxing; heavenly!

    Wonderful post; I do so love your 'chatty' style of writing.

    Thanks for sharing,
    All the best to you,

  4. Glyn,

    I can guarantee you we sure did some sitting back and eating my homemade guacamole, enchiladas, and salsa with a couple of Coronas. We had a very difficult time even closing the doors.

    LOL, thanks for the "chatty" comment. I just try to keep it real and fight the urge to sound refined and clever... clearly.

    Best wishes!!! Kel