Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sea Shells, Sea shells by the Seashore.

If you stay a week at the beach I think it goes without saying that you'll be playing in the sun and at the shore for numerous hours. Being out on the sand and swimming in the ocean was kind of like the staple of our trip. I loved the soft white sand of the Atlantic, not to mention the warm waters full of sea creatures. I can assure you sea creatures are good and bad. Being that there is a variety of different sharks in the waters we were always looking for something under the water. Jellys were everywhere but only one type actually stung with poison. Unfortunately, Amanda was stung by it. She was so brave and such a trooper.

Here is the sting. Its always a good idea to have vinegar
on hand because she had to wait for a trip to the store
before getting it on the sting. The poison traveled into
her arm pit. A little Benidryl and a long nap and she was
as good as new.

We saw stingrays, jellyfish, and pods of dolphins! One afternoon Steve saw a large shark and casually told the kids to get out of the ocean. Of course they all went back in later. After asking the locals about shark attacks we were told they just don't happen there. However, no fool would go in the water during "feeding time."

Here's the pier from the sand side.

The crew coming in for a break. This is when I found out
Amanda didn't want any pictures.

Miss Molly! Always willing to star in a photo.

The coolest dads ever.

This hole was worked on by several groups of kids. Here are
our kids during their hole digging/castle building shift.

Max. Quite a sweet young man, willing to dig a hole
with six year old Emma.

Emma, in the thick of it.


The difficult part of a seven year age span is that the little one sometimes gets left out. Its just a fact that older kids get to do more things like surf in the ocean. Here is a typical moment where Emma has been left behind and she wasn't willing to take it lying down. For those of you who don't believe someone so cute can throw a tantrum twice her size, here it is on "film".

While Emma is flinging her mud let's take a look at everyone else. Girls were surfing, Dad's were boogie boarding, and they all took turns in the boat, even Emma.

And she's up! Molly on the board with a little help from

Nice job!

Chicks, just sayin'

Max, one of my favorite 16 year old boys. He pulled all
the girls around in the boat and never complained. He
just has this quiet disposition that makes you want to
sit down next to him and just be.

Max woking hard as the protector...

Still working hard.

10 footers... Sort of.

I thought that was a bird in the middle of this shot...

However, when I look closer, I see it is some sort of a
fin. Maybe a stingray? Probably a shark LOL just kidding.

Yay! Emma is happy again!

Favorite Shot.

I never would have seen Mr. Crabby with out Mary's keen
eyes for crab seeing.

I really like the sand there because it's so soft. Here I am
enjoying the beach. A bit burned, but warm and happy.


  1. I'm so glad that you have shared all of these photos with us. I almost feel like we were there with you, watching from afar. Beautiful photos, as always.

  2. Thanks Chelle! I was starting to get bored with them and was concerned that others may be feeling that way too. My main motivation is to be able to share them all with you guys, my family and the McManus family.

  3. Kelley,

    I assume Emma wasn't really paying attention to you when she was stroppy and you were taking the pics of her, otherwise I'm sure muddy sand could have been flung in your direction :-)

  4. @David, seriously! Luckily, she has a bit more regard for me than she does her sister. However, if she had I'm sure a nasty look would have come my way. She'll be super happy about these pics when she's 15. Note the hint of sarcasm.

  5. As I've said before Kelley, this has been a wonderful series that's been a real pleasure to look through and just like inhabit says, it almost feels like we were there too.

    This would make an AWESOME Blurb Coffee Table/Keepsake book!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Best wishes to you and yours,

  6. Thanks Glyn! I will certainly have to consider the book idea. It would be a good way to remember this vacation, or at least North Carolina!

    Thanks for stopping by!