Monday, August 16, 2010

What's Around This Place?

The first morning in our fabulous house was cloudy and rainy. It looked amazing and the cool thing about staying at the beach was never really knowing what the weather would be next. (Ok, you could check the whether report but that's no fun) Its hard waking up in a place you forgot you were at and then not being able to see past your own nose.

This is the view from where I slept. One side was the pillows
and the other side was windows and these quirky mirrors
with wooden sailors glued to them.

I did a lot of lying around looking at
this fan over my bed and the mirror
across the room that showed the
pictures on the wall behind me.
I get relaxed looking at these pictures.

I crawled out of bed to the smell of Starbucks coffee (yes, I brought it with me in my suitcase) and hostess mini donuts. The big girls were still sleeping and Emma was out enjoying the drizzle in the 90 degree weather. I found Steve reading and enjoying coffee and thought to myself that this would be a perfect time to explore under the house. All the houses at the shore are on stilts which leaves spaces under each house which I find fascinating and a bit creepy.

MMMMMM, breakfast of champions!

Steve reading his second book.

How can it be so warm and still rain??

Who cares, its fun!

Emma does a lot of dancing with her
Dad, and he does a lot of standing there
while she does.

Now to the house!
This is the best thing I found under the house. Isn't it
horrible? I love this and it was huge! Must have a
gazillion ants living in there!

The address was everywhere, lush plants covered the
grounds and things were hiding under the stairs.

There was a common theme of birdies.

I loved the signs of weather wear on
everything from metal to wood.

I LOVED hanging our wet clothes
on the clothes line and Emma
did too!

How much do you love the fence
and tall grass? It reminded me
of beaches I've seen in the movies.

Our walk way to the sand was my very most favorite feature on the outside
of the house. I can't even tell you why, I just loved the feel of it.

Well, that's it, All the details and special tidbits that made it really cool for us to hang out there. Later that day the sun came out and the adventures began!


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  2. Kelley, great series of shots documenting where you're staying and what everyone is up to; makes me feel like a character off 'The Borrowers' discovering everything :)

    The wooden bridge/walkway is superb! Great capture in the final image and Im lovin' the focus leading off to the tall grass; great job!


  3. Kel, How Wonderful to share your vacation with us! Your images brought me back home to Avalon, N.J. where I spent my childhood summers with my family. So East Coast! What a fantastic beach house! Love all of your very "inner-calm" feeling. Hope to see you soon my dear friend.

  4. Kelley, great documentary set of images here - I love the triptych and diptych panels and the little stories they tell. Like Glyn says that last wooden walkway capture is ace.

  5. I love the comments! @Glyn and David. I agree about the last shot, I would love to print it rather large and frame it in the house as a reminder of summer and that place. It kind of brings back that feeling of vacation for me.
    @Kim, nice to hear from you girls. I totally thought of you while I was there. Not only because I was having Kim withdrawals but because I knew it had to be what you grew up seeing when you were a girl. I thought of you when Manda was stung my a jelly. Lets get together soon!!

    Warm regards to each of you, Kel

  6. The wonderful experience you had really comes through in these photos. I want to go there now! We have to do this vacation together as a family!

  7. Chelle, I cannot imagine more fun than that! Let's do it!