Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sweet Perry George

This is Perry, as my friend, Mary named him. He's a large fellow with a long nose and giant wing span. I believe him to be a very mellow guy with a propensity to be rather lazy. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he was born that way. I just think he figured out the system and plays it very well. Perry has learned that if he sits on the light post or other spot of the pier, the fishermen and passing visitors will throw food at him. Why would you work at hunting and gathering if your food just flew at you all day long? As I see it, his most difficult job is to look handsome, clever and hungry and he has it in the bag.

It is important to know that after Mary named him Perry, the four fingered fisherman told us his name was George. I can imagine, with all the people who visit him on this pier, that he may have way more than two names.

Perry George in his light pole.

If you look closely you can see a snack flying straight for
his mouth. Its a lot of work for him, he must be starving.

A generous snack from the four-fingered fisherman. Talk
about not chewing your food...

Seriously, at what point does the whole
fish go down?

Its Molly with the star of our show! I think Molly is
quite a bit cuter, I'm just saying.

Thank you Perry George for visiting with us
and for tolerating my camera in your face
all afternoon.


  1. Perry George waiting for food from the anglers is either a very lazy brown pelican or a very crafty brown pelican depending on how you look at ;-)

    Love the shoot of the whole fish engulfed in his throat pouch.



  2. Yes! So true! Either way he's got it down and he's go it made!
    Thanks, David!