Thursday, August 19, 2010

What to do, What to do...

Let's go fishing!!

In order to go fishing all we needed to do was walk on down to the pier, rent a couple of poles, buy some bait and we were good to go! I of course, did not fish. I will fish but I'm a bit sad about fishing because I feel bad for the tiny fishes. I will eat fish, don't get me wrong but given the choice of catching a fish or taking pictures of people catching fish, I think you know what I would choose. We were fishing off the pier for about three hours so I had a gazillion photos when we were finished. Here are some of our pictures of our fishing adventure. Settle in because there are a lot of them because... well just because.
PS. It was a bit of a shooting challenge due to the fact that within the three hours we had a bright sky, then clouds, then rain, then bright sky. All the while It was bright and I had no way of seeing the LCD screen. This is when the old school film camera knowledge came in handy. Knowing what settings do what in familiar light settings is helpful because sometimes you have no LCD screen. Just saying.

The Pier... The way I see it.
The pole...
The bait...

The view of our houses from the pier... Hey Mary, I can
see your house from here!

Everyone getting all set up with poles and bait.
Doug, Molly and Max.

Speaking of Max, this is Max.

I don't know if Emma was too sure about it all in the

Once she got going, she fished with her usual style and flair,
I may have the only daughter who fishes in "diamonds."

She held the record for the day of 16 fish caught
not bad for her first time fishing.

It was the job of the dads, Steve and Doug, to remove the
hooks from every fish their children caught. That's one reason
dads rock.


Its also their job to make sure the children get to touch
the fish they catch.

These fish were rather prickly and spiny.

Its hard to hold a prickly fish...

And sometimes they bite, the pricklies, not the fish...

Amanda hard at work catching all her fish.

Chatting with Max, while still catching fish.

Max caught plenty of his own fish.
Molly did too, but they went to a different part of the pier...

And there goes Emma to that other part of the pier...

This is one of my favorite pictures...
Doug is pulling up someone's fish as is Steve,
Mary is hiding from my camera, Amanda is re-baiting.
Alix is listening to her iPod, and I just don't know what
Emma is doing... I just don't. Perhaps this is when it was raining?

Speaking of Mary... I was only allowed to shoot her feet
and her hand reaching out to her fish...
Seeing me with my camera was not her favorite thing.

No fishing just music...

I really loved this plane with the sign it pulled...
It just reminded me of the 70's when I was a kid
at the beach.

Yeah, I know some people think I'm weird for taking pictures of
stuff like this. Seriously, though how could you not?
It's so fabulous and horrid all at the same time.

I saw this next to all the King fishermen's poles. What do you think
its for? Like, where did it come from and why a purple bucket?

The crew... Prior to the arrival of Alix.


  1. Kelley,

    Are you going to be putting together a 'Blurb' book of all these photos and phrases? Going through them I just think it would make a great 'coffee table' book...just a thought :)

    Again a great documentary series of images. I remember as a child going out fishing alot; piling all my kit onto my bike, strapping stuff anywhere it could be strapped and then riding off for miles with a mate to a river or lake; great times. It's something I'm wanting to get back into again now, especially sea/beach fishing as a means of getting some 'time out' along with Anne who is keen to start too.

    All the best to you,

    ps> The close up fish shots would make great images for a cookery/fishing book!

  2. Glyn,
    Thanks for your comments. I loved the mental images of you as a kid loaded up with your gear and ridding out to fish. I think fishing would be a wonderful sport for the two of you to share, just imagine all the "waiting for a bite" time you would have to just chat and share stories. A must do!

    Thanks again and best wishes,

    PS I think you two need to do some pier fishing on the Pacific Ocean.

  3. Hi Kelley,

    Another excellent photo story as Glyn's said. I really like the 9 panel foot shoot at the top and the shot of Emma running to the other part of the pier - the bench frame is a great lead into the focal point of that shot.

    The last time I did any 'pier' fishing was back when I was 11 years old with my friend Rick. I was staying with Rick's uncle in Warsaw NY for a few days and we went out to Silver Lake for some fishing. Rick & I just sat at the end of the pier and fished for pretty much the whole day. Unfortunately the sun was beating down on us for whole duration and needless to say we discovered that our legs were burnt red when we got back to the house. The two of us where in agony that night and no amount of calamine lotion put a stop to that burning feeling!
    We were much more careful thereafter but at least we did catch some fish on the day :-)

    Warmest regards,


  4. David,
    Nice to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by. Thank you for the foot image compliment, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite images. I will probably add it to the list of shots on my next family shoot.

    I loved the story of your pier fishing adventures. I can assure you I was pretty fried at the end of this day too. When we were children we were more likely to get burned than are our children today with all the sunscreen we own.

    Thanks for sharing and all the best!