Sunday, April 10, 2011

Alix and Chelsea BFF's

As promised, here is the story of Alix and Chelsea. They met each other in the fourth grade. The two of them have been through thick and thin for almost ten years. That's a long time when it equals half of your life. Through all the fights, boys and other friends, these two girls have stayed together like sisters. They have laughed and cried and I can also tell you first hand they have gotten into plenty of trouble together too! 

There were times in their relationship when they would have died for each other and other times when they wanted to kill each other. They can go weeks without seeing each other but when they're together it's like they were never apart. Watching them run through all their antics over the years has been priceless.

I'm sure their friendship is, has been, and will always be a special blessing for the two of them from Mrs. Rizkhalla's fourth grade class to graduating high school. I can't wait to see where their lives take each of them.

Going to Island's for Alix's 10th birthday. Danielle
was the third musketeer for this party. 

Grandma's famous pointing pose...she took these

 Alix and Chelsea are in the back of this picture of
the girls at Wild Rivers water park.

One of many Halloweens, from the days they 
still let me to do their hair and make-up. They were
Miss America contestants.  

One of many sleep-overs playing outside at night
with the camera.  Several years before they started
 sneaking out... lol 

Junior High- It's good to have friends when you go
 through hell.

They spent every sleepover dressing up and taking pictures. There were so many costumes and so much make-up. They have been everything from nerds to rockers. They've even been men they named Jay and Silent Bob. 

Tana joined the girls in Jr. High and just became 
another daughter to me which brought in
more make-up,  hair and costumes...

 Chelsea     Alix     Tana   

And more picture taking! 

This is the Halloween Alix was water and
Chelsea was fire. I did their hair and make-up and
re-used the Miss America dresses. I spent hours hand 
sewing all those scraps onto the bottom of their 


Alix's 14th birthday with their friend Eric.

More Halloween...

At the pool...

They are always good for a picture...

At the Taste of Ladera with Mandy and Tana

Just hanging out in the backyard and like I said they 
never turn me down when I want to take pictures. 

Look!! It's Jay and Silent Bob

Alix's 16th birthday with boys included.
So much to say here but I wont...
They know.

* Beach mix *
(I made this one for them)

 As far as Emma knows Chelsea is just
another sister. Chelsea was part of us before Emma
got here.

Senior Prom:


Brian, Alix, Chelsea and Bryson


How cool that they were able to sit next to each other

 Yes, Alix had blue hair. 

There were times I wasn't sure if they were going to make it 
this far in one piece but they did and they did it together. They
shared so many laughs and so many tears. I don't know if either
one could have made it without the other.

I recently had the opportunity to do their hair for a 50's party celebrating Tana's 19th birthday. It brought back so many memories for me of the old days. I remember wondering how I got stuck doing that for so many years and so many events. As I was writing this blog I remembered all the carpooling I did and all the summers I spent driving the girls around to the pool, the beach, the Sawdust festival and to Bible study and Knotts. I drove and drove and it seemed I had a gazillion children. All the boys they invited everywhere and all the other girls who came along seemed to never have an end.  At the time I was annoyed that I was the one that did it all but now I look back and I see that I am the one who was blessed. I was the one who got to hear about their days after school. I has the one who got to have Starbucks with them and hear all about the boys they loved, and hated. I knew many of their secrets and dreams. I saw all the costumes and got to take the pictures. I actually got to watch two little girls become women while all the while clinging to their friendship with everything they had. I'm thankful for this and thankful my daughter has her Chelsea. My prayer is that they will always be there for each other no matter where their lives take them.

The 50's party picture... Not so little anymore.

I love you girls, thank you for letting me be so much a part of your lives.

* Pictures with the * were not taken by me :-) I stole them from Alix...


  1. They certainly have covered a lot of ground together. Really nice post Kel :)

  2. Such pretty girls! I love these pictures. It took me back to a fun time in my own life! I'm having fun now, but, you know, that was a different fun.

    I tried to e-mail you, but the e-mail kept coming back to me. So, I am copying and pasting the e-mail here...

    Hey Kelly,
    Let me know what you think of this idea... Each month I think about
    how I can make Captcha Balderdash easier & more efficient but still
    fun. I was thinking maybe the winner of the last CB could be the judge
    of the next one. I want to play tomorrow & on Friday present the
    winner. Would you be willing to go through the list on Thursday
    afternoon or evening & letting me know which one was your favorite?
    Obviously, I would mention your blog tomorrow & tell everyone you're
    the judge.

    HONESTLY, what do you think? I can take it if you don't like the idea.
    I am just brainstorming...

    Thanks for reading!!

  3. The Kelley up there is from Kelley's Break Room. I have two different Google accounts and forgot to switch back. You can e-mail me back at

    Thank you!!

  4. Junior high really is like hell. I'm glad they had each other.

    On a side note, my goodness those girls can jump so high!

  5. KLZ, I know right?! (that's on both accounts) Thanks for stopping by!