Thursday, April 28, 2011


After posting about Alix and her bud Chelsea, it made me, as always, think about the adventures my teen BFF Krista and I shared together through High School.  Then I remembered that April 16th was Krista's birthday! What fun would it be to post some pictures of MY life long friend!

Krista and I met right before the beginning of our ninth grade school year. My first impression of this girl with the long strawberry blond hair wearing a peasant skirt was not the most accurate. I really thought she was some sort of puritan farm girl who was painfully shy. I later found out I was sooo wrong. Krista was full of fun and humor and fashion, and always looked darling and current with the fantastic 80's style. 

We got into so much trouble together, roaming the neighborhood, harassing the neighbors, stealing road signs, and leaving giant stuffed animals in the middle of the street just to see what the car drivers would do. We were grounded together more than once, for ditching school together and for all that other stuff I can't mention here. We were both living by ourselves with our single Mothers who were always out doing something. Our moms realized it was a really good thing that we lived an alley away from each other and when one mom went out of town or away for the weekend the other mom would watch us. We were as good as sisters living together most of the time.

We had times when we were really close and then very far apart in our own lives with different friends but over the years our heart have always been as close as that first year in high school. We don't always talk but time has never changed our love for each other. We're joined by our experiences together no matter who different we are now. Our roots are the same and our memories and appreciation for each other keep us bonded to each other today.

Here we are in front of my condo
in 1982 or 1983.

Krista in my wedding, standing on my left side.
Sorry I made you wear that, it was cute at the
 time, maybe...

 Me in Krista's wedding, we had the same vail
but you wore it so much better, as usual...

So in 1991 I moved to Northern California and left my girl behind in So Cal. But she still came to visit me and my family. She threw my first baby shower, and we stayed in touch, trying to see each other when I came down to visit. By the time I moved back to So Cal. Krista moved to Texas, sorry Austin, so I miss my friend again. Thank goodness she has family here because I get to see her when she visits them. 

 Krista and me in her hotel on a visit in 2008.
Geoff, her brother took this picture which 
was cool because he helped us get away with
many of our illegal activities when we were
  young because he had money and a car...
It was fun for us to all be together again even
though we were no longer the "little Barbies"
we used to be.

In 2009, Krista came and stayed with my family and me. She brought her two sons and we had a blast. We did not sleep very much during that week and ate and drank way more than we should have. And I would have never believed in 1979, that there would be a day we would be staying in my house with five children between us talking about life, marriage, and children. I miss my Krista but I'm also glad that she is a life-long friend that when we are together it's like we're back in high school and we can laugh as hard as we did back then. 

Krista is married to Kevin and they
have two boys,named Logan and Jake. She's a
fabulous Mama and loves those boys so much! 
They remind me of her, and her brother Geoff, 
and of course, Kevin.
They're beautiful.
And they have a lot of energy!
But as you can see, Krista can handle it.

Aww, baby Jake, cutie.

Love from Logan


Sleeping angels. 

 Who would have ever thought our babies
would someday play together?

It was so awesome having Krista here hanging out with my big girls too. We had one night when Alix actually tried to pull a fast one on me and was doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing. Krista and I caught her but I have to tell you we secretly LOVED it because it just took us both back to our wild times and doing stuff exactly like my teenage daughters. Alix got into trouble but then later Krista and I laughed our heads off in celebration of having been there. The best part was that we were there together, and lived to laugh about it later.

Of course when you stay with a photographer there always has to be a photo shoot. One night we went into the garage pulled down a black back drop and shot away. Too bad we couldn't stop laughing. Krista is so animated it was like trying to shoot a child. Then when she did hold still she would say some hilarious dry remark that set me off laughing again and we were back to square one.  I managed to get some pictures of her though and I'm so glad to have these. Some of them have never been seen so you're in for a treat.

Here are a few images from our laughing, joke telling, ridiculous shoot. I wish I could be doing this again this weekend for so many reasons! 

 Such a sassy little vixen...

This last image pretty much sums up what we did for most of the shoot. We had some fun though and I loved seeing my girl. Krista, I miss you and I hope you have another wonderful year in your life and journey! My BFF!


  1. Friends like that are so rare. And so precious. I am lucky to live close to one of mine. It is hard to be far from the others.

    Great shoot you did of her! And good of you to apologize for the wedding outfit ;-) lol

  2. Agreed! Thanks for the nice words and for your comment. I'm still pretty sure those dressed were cute for 1989. My Mom actually made all of them for us, including mine. Good times! Her marriage has lasted longer too, lol

  3. Kelley,
    Friendships like these are so important and its wonderful to see it has lasted,
    All the best to both of you!

  4. Thanks Noel, nice to see you! Thanks for stopping by, how's the puppy?

  5. I love this! There is nothing like a lifelong friend to laugh with, and share life with!