Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Amanda and I spent Saturday night watching art videos on You Tube. We tend to like art quite a bit and if it's weird and different we like it that much more. In one of the videos, we saw a guy fill a bowl with milk and then he dropped food coloring into the milk. Next he poured dish washing liquid onto the spots of color and the color spots just exploded! This has to be a middle school science experiment! If is it neither of us had ever done it, so we made plans to do it the next day.

On Mother's Day, right after getting home church and lunch we immediately started our science project.
Manda poured the milk and food coloring in total excitement for what would happen when the soap hit it.
The first drop hit the red and it flashed across the plate of milk! Woo hoo, the next color... nothing. The next still nothing.  Ok so the red was cool but none of the other colors performed the way we wanted but we still have a good time blending all the colors together and I especially enjoyed taking pictures of the process.

Here are a few pictures of what we got from our "science project." I personally think they would look amazing printed out as 24 inch prints. Fabulous!

 The milk...

The colors:

The color explosion!

Not so much after that but I'm LOVING the beautiful colors in the milk. Enjoy!

Try it! It was fun! Just ask Amanda!


  1. What glorious photos! And of MILK!!! I love this :)

  2. I am loving this, psychadelic or what!I am going to be trying this!
    Nice one Kelley,

    All the best

  3. Thanks Noel! Show your pictures when you're done!!

  4. Love the colors and those photos are super interesting. Nice job!

  5. Hi Kelley!
    I'm not sure if these are psychadelic like Noel says or something from the Hubble telescope ;-)

    Have done this type of thing as a kid and seem to recall also blowing into a straw in the soapy coloured water, creating a load of bubble and then gently placing some paper on it, in order to get a colourful bubble print.



  6. David, I told Amanda all about the bubbles and she's in! That will probably be our next experiment! Thanks for the comment!
    All the best!