Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photo of the Day 9.29.11

I had the opportunity last week to head out to the Orange County Sheriff's academy for  inspection. This day is commonly referred to as Black Monday at the academy. It is a class's first official inspection with the full time Tactical Staff.  I went through this program eleven years ago and I tend to be a huge supporter of it. When I see the nervous recruits fall into formation as the Staff rolls outs looking sharper than ever I get giddy inside. I love what these men and women do to prepare the recruits to survive in real world situations involving life and death. We should all appreciate the Staff and the commitment they have to make to do this job. They're the foundation, the voices that may later keep the street officer alive.

As I looked over all the images I captured during inspection It wasn't hard for me to choose my favorites. This image was one that was shot from pretty far away but I just can't stand how great the interaction is. Pardon the grain of the "pixel push" but I had to bring it way in to share it with you. In a single image we can imagine so much. 

 Clearly this recruit did a little something to express he'd 
like some extra time with the Staff. They're so giving.