Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Photo of the Day 10.11.11

At my house we don't always follow the Photography rules. We don't always take great pictures, but we ARE always taking pictures. This one is taken through the ring of a ring flash, you can see it around the edges. That's just WRONG but, I likie. I also like that It is  common for me to take a picture of my child wearing a sundress and earmuffs. Perfect sense if just boring! I also love that brown spot in her eye, it's a piece of her Dad. 


  1. Kelley, these are the shots we keep... The quick shot that.captures the fun moments in our lives that don't wait around for us to set things up!

    Great stuff!


  2. They certainly are the ones that remind us of who they really were!
    Thanks for coming by Noel! Always fabulous to see you!