Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter in California

I clearly live in Southern California for a reason, many in fact. One of the reasons is the beautiful weather. I know it and I don't pretend to not love it. I always wonder why people who live in the Eastern United States give us Californians a hard time about our winters. We can't even say it's cold because we catch flack from our counter parts on the other side of the country. Just because 45 degrees fahrenheit is not cold to someone who lives in the snow, doesn't mean it's not freezing to me! PS that's why I live HERE. 

While half our country is decorating their snowy front porches for Christmas, we are having photo shoots in our jeans, t-shirts, and bare feet at the beach. I wanted to share a little photo shoot we had right before Christmas in November. It turned out to be a fabulous day with a ridiculous sunset that only us "cold babies" here in California get to enjoy right after Thanksgiving.

Meet the Finlay Family! This is Russ, Laura, and Nicole. Laura and I are friends and she happens to be one of my favorite women so I was thrilled to be able to go out and take pictures of her and her family. It was a beautiful afternoon and the longer we stayed the more beautiful and intense the sunset became. 

A casual little moment, how cute is Nicole, right?

 I love this snuggle shot.

When I saw these images after the shoot I was worried about the intensity of the sky. I started thinking I may need to desaturate it. It really started looking like I got a little crazy in Photoshop and made it too intense. Just know that I did not crank it up at all, it actually looked like this in real life. It really was amazing and a gorgeous orange. We all kept commenting on it as it just became deeper and deeper in color. 

Nicole at the ocean's edge

 No teenager shoot is complete until we get the
jumping shot!

These are the images I took when we were done... it's why I always take just a couple more.

How wonderful it is to be able to live like this during our "winter". 

Thank you to this wonderful little family with a lot of big love! oxoxo

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