Sunday, May 27, 2012

Family Photos

Yesterday was family photo shoot day. It was the first Saturday in a long time that we were all going to be home at the same time. My husband and I set up the backdrop and all my lights. All the girls in the house were primping and curling so we could be in a million fabulous photos together.

Well, in the true form of how my family rolls, it wasn't long before things began to fall apart. My oldest daughter didn't show up and when I texted her she told me she was working later then what she originally said. Now she wasn't going to be there. So the family picture was out of the plan. 

Why waste the set up? I started shooting anyway and everything was going fine until a couple of my lights started to fail. Then no matter what I did I couldn't get the lights to pop. I tried using a sync cord and it failed too.

The shoot just spiraled down hill from there. It's so odd to me how so many things can go right and in the next shoot everything can go wrong. This is where I believe, my background in law enforcement and maybe just having three daughters pays off. I just don't stress about it. I noticed the nice light coming in the dinning room window and if I opened the blinds it was even better. I changed up the settings on my camera and turned off all the lights. Low and behold we redeemed the photo shoot.

Here are a few images from yesterdays shoot. Close to what I wanted but we'll be revisiting this soon so I can get all of us in the pictures.

 Too cool for this photo shoot.

 Love this!



 I love this image of Emma. It's
just so her. I love that I'll have this
 when she's a grown woman. 

How could I B&W an image that has a red 
balloon in it?

 We moved outside as the shoot
became too boring for everyone.

Thanks for coming by, hopefully we'll have some new family photos full of more people in the near future. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Those are such GREAT pictures but I must say, I love the one of dad and his girls...WOW! he'll be glad to have that one, especially, when those girls get older!

    Nice job!

  2. Fantastic series Kelley; you're creating some real special memories here which is so important.

    The B&W series is wonderful...number 2 captures so much.

    Thanks for sharing,
    All the very best to you and yours,

  3. Thank you Saimi and Glyn! All the best to you both! So happy when ya'll stop by!