Monday, June 11, 2012

Downtown Dagget

We just returned home from a quick weekend out at the river just off Needles, Ca. I can't wait to share all the photos and stories with you! 

First, I wanted to talk about iPhone pictures. One of the many reasons I wanted an iPhone was because I wanted to be able to edit cell phone pictures. I fell in love with Chase Jarvis' book The Best Camera is the One That's With You. It really is about the fact that we always have our phones with us and we should be able to edit the pictures from them. 

I am a photographer, I'm obsessed with taking pictures. I've been trying to figure out how to get a small camera inserted in my right eye, so I'll never miss a shot. I figure I could just slap my self on the side of my face when I want to capture an image. Well that's another blog entry so I'll get back to the cell phone story.

As we were returning home yesterday from the river, we decided we would stop along the way and take pictures if we saw an interesting place. We actually stopped in a little place called Dagget because my daughter needed to use the bathroom. We never found a bathroom but stumbled upon this little service station that has been closed down.

When I was a child I spent many hours picking through the dirt looking for treasures. I dug up shiny rocks and trinkets that I felt were very much like treasures. I love tiny details and odd things that don't "belong" where they are. I have to say this old closed down service station was like a treasure chest! 

As I was walking around looking at all the junks, I kept thinking, "I should get my camera out." Then I just kept thinking about how fun it would be to blog about how you can capture interesting and fun pictures on your cell phone. The images are just as entertaining as if I had used my SLR. I like how grainy they are because the place was very grainy in real life. It was weird and creepy.It was dry and hot and windy and I wanted the images to look like it.

If I learned anything in school, it was that it's not about the camera you use but how you use it. The correct camera and lens are the ones that make your images the way you need them to look to fit the story you are telling. I think in this case the story I'm telling you is perfectly told with my cell phone.

Some of the images were edited in Instagram and others were loaded into photoshop and edited there. So many possibilities!! Enjoy!

I love the train that flew through the center of

 The Station

 The back of the station...
I can't help wonder what is going on inside.

 A weird place for gourds to grow.
What a weird word: gourd.

 The side window.

What? Someone's bear?  

 A little camo spray paint...while you have a smoke...

 What even is this???

 Is it weird that there is a shoe here
or that the shoe has a weird hole in it?

 Why do I keep finding single gloves?


I like that I'm in this one, nice posing. 

Uhm, a bag of hamburger buns? 

 This one made the most sense to me, just saying. 

Good bye Dagget, it was nice meeting you! On we drove to Barstow to find a bathroom.


  1. I love this! I definitely think the photos came across dry and rugged like the desert they were taken in. I cant help but feel sad that someones bear was left behind. On another note....hamburger buns? Weird.

  2. Poor Bear! Thanks a million times for your comment Mal, and for reading! oxoxoxo

  3. What! No body? Great shots, Kel.

  4. Actually, there were two bodies, sleeping in a truck bed with a trailer parked at the old island. I just thought it was too weird to snap a shot of them! LOL, somehow you knew!

  5. Love these images Kel! I totally got the Erie deserted feel of the place. I'm with you on the Bacardi! So glad you all had a great trip!
    oxox, Kimmie

  6. Great post Kelley; made me chuckle when you said about slapping yourself on the side of your face to take photo :)

    Totally agree with you about using your iPhone to to take photos. You know...most of the photos on the walls in our home are ones I took with my iPhone; it just seems to be what I shoot with the most when we're out or on holiday and I guess that's because it's so convenient 'and' always with me.

    Thanks for the read,
    Best wishes to you,
    Glyn :)

  7. Thanks Kim, miss you my friend!

    and Glyn!
    I really think we love our phone pics so much because we take them for us as opposed to having the camera in hand which usually means we're working or in the work mode.

    Thanks to you both for stopping by! All the best!