Friday, June 15, 2012


My family and I went to the Colorado River last weekend and had a marvelous time! This week I've been editing all the photos I took and getting ready to put them up on the blog. As I was going through them I came across the ones of my cousin Sara on the high swing and after I completed them I knew I had to showcase them on their own. It was just way too cool to throw it into a stream of photos as a blip.

So without further jabbering here is the swing event starring Sara Rose at the Colorado River, Pirate's Cove, Needles, California.

Ok, here's Sara, she's a ham. My favorite because hams pose for pictures and I like to take pictures so it is a wonderful relationship. She's getting all strapped in and harnessed up. 
Here's what happened: We drove the boat up to shore and as we did everyone started talking about that large swing and how they should go on it. Before we all got out of the boat Sara had her wallet out and was headed up to the swing! She moved so fast it was as though we went there only to get on that swing. Well now no one else wanted to go but that wasn't going to stop her. She talked the kid working there to go with her on the swing. They could do it alone, but because of the instability of a single on the swing, and the fact that Sara suffered a near fatal head injury over a year ago, she chose to ride with a swing worker. PS She got the head injury from riding and crashing on a dirt bike... I know, she's a pistol, always has been. 

 Seriously, what could that guy be thinking? LOL

I was getting kind of nervous while editing these because I hate heights! I'm glad there are people who will do this kind of stuff, especially when I have my camera with me!

 Good Gracious! Right? No, thank you...

This is the first drop on the up swing!

And it was just a whole lotta swinging from there!

 On that first swing up I followed them up and hit the sun,
can't even tell you how happy I was when I realized it was 
there. I knew it would flare and I love me some flare!

 I love that she's looking back smiling! 

Then, it was done. It was exciting to watch and I knew I had some cool shots. As she was getting off the swing and getting de-harnessed I quick looked at my pictures and was excited I actually captured them in the air with the sun. When I called Sara over to see the ones of them in the sky she was so excited and she said she is really afraid of heights, that's why she likes to do these kinds of things! What?!! Wait, what? Seriously, I saw zero fear! The swing event was cool but the fact that I just watched this girl completely overcome something that scares her as though she was attacking it was the most amazing thing I saw all weekend. 

Way to go baby girl! Keep it up and there will be nothing you can't do! Some people go their whole lives never addressing their fears but if you keep this going you'll be unstoppable! This is what the adventure is all about.

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