Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Lately, I've been trying to slow down and live a little more in the moment. I've been purposely walking away from "work" to engage my family more. I've been finding myself walking around seeing the people who live in the rooms of my house. 

Yesterday I saw this...

I got just a little teary eyed when I found them here because I love the way my husband loves our daughters. He's patient and present, and he loves them, all three of them.

Then I heard my husband took our little one to the pocket park on our street so  after chatting with my middle daughter, Amanda, I went to find Steve and Emma. They were waiting across the street for the approaching Ice Cream Man.

It was so fun to step back and watch Emma bark orders at her dad. She knew exactly what she and her sister wanted. My family loves the Ice Cream Man and I really love watching them go after him.

At about twenty till eight in the evening I went on the hunt for Emma to tell her it was time to get ready for bed and as I walked down the stairs I could see her through the back windows of the house. She was dancing on the lawn, hand in hand with her sister. They were singing "Singing in the Rain" and dancing. The sunset light was gold and filled the downstairs of the house. 

How could I ever pull her away from this and why would I want to? I was almost breathless at every aspect of what I was watching. Still not too taken back to remember my camera, which by the way, is always out and ready to go. I ran upstairs and grabbed it and was off to the back yard! 

Here is a peek into what I saw, minus the cold sprinkles of water and fabulous sounds of sisters laughing and singing.

I could never get enough of this. As I was loading the images into my computer I had to stop for a moment and thank God for each day He gives me. Each moment He allows me to be part of. I love Him, and am so thankful for all He has blessed me with because I deserve none of it yet all this love and happiness engulfs my every day and all I have to do is see it. All I have to do is see it...


  1. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and right now I'm speechless.

  2. Perfect! Thank you so much, love your comments. Thanks, always!