Thursday, March 27, 2014


Have I mentioned I LOVE CANDY!? I do! It really is one of my biggest weaknesses. My middle daughter, Amanda is also in love with candy! I always thought it's because her nickname, Mandy rhymed with Candy. (please, just laugh a little). When she was a little girl, I would find candy wrappers in her bed, under her bed, in her bathroom, shoes, and every corner of her existence.  I would take all candy out of the house and two days later I'd find empty wrappers in her dirty clothes.

Speaking of dirty clothes, her's smelled like sugar. I'd kiss her good night and when other kids would have smelled like sweaty puppies, she smelled like JAM! 

So…. On to the real subject here. When we were planning Amanda's graduation party we had candy table on the top of the decorating list, and the top of the food list, and dessert list, and take home gifts list…

Ok, anyway, we put together a darling candy table. 

Being that I used to work for a world class catering company, I have a few tricks that are a must for any food table. 

Before you put a cloth or cover on your table, put a few boxes or upside-down plastic bowls on the table top. Make sure they are different heights and shapes for interest. (PS I will blog this technique very soon). Then, lay your table cloths or fabric over the "risers" and allow the cloth to fall between them. Then, set your plates, bowls, or jars of candy on top of the covered risers.

Here is our candy table. I was very happy Amanda chose party decor that just happened to match my home interior! 

Candy room!

I've collected these jars over the years from flower arrangements and hand-me-downs.

Different shaped jars and bowls make it more interesting!

Ok, see the blue and green sugar cookies? They are the best sugar cookie you will ever eat! My sister brought them here all the way from Retro Bakery In Las Vegas. Oh, and they ship, I die.

We also wanted dessert for folks who don't see the intense glamour of eating nothing but candy. Fruit kabobs, always a favorite. This chocolate cake was from Costco. For some reason this cake is a huge fave with the boys/men.  Amanda and I threw some edible gold stars on the cake for a little extra sompin'.

My Mom made all of the floral arrangements from flowers we picked up at Costco and the local grocery store. Every flower is beautiful it's just about how you put them all together, and she does an amazing job! 

 Don't forget to decorate the back of the table if it's not against a wall. We put out Chinese take out boxes so people could take all this candy home with them.

 Now these little babies are a Pinterest special. They're homemade poptarts on a stick. My Step-Mama and sister put these together and they really were fabulous, and so darling, right? 

Side note: don't use candles on a candy table if
your guests are young children. It's just mean to
surround candy with burning flames.

And last but not least, here is another Pinterest trick we used. We made tissue paper flowers and tied them with a couple of paper lanterns, balloons, and curly ribbons. So easy, inexpensive, and fabulous!

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  1. Wow - just a few calories contained in those jars / on those plates! ;-)
    If you love candy, you need to get over here and try some of our British sweets too! :-)