Sunday, March 23, 2014

What to do , What to do…

I stand here today at a cross-roads. To do, or not to do. 

Over the last year an unbelievable amount of life has happened to me and the ones I love. Two of my three daughter's have grown and left home to start their own lives. I feel like two huge parts of me are lost… but not. It's happy, it's sad.

In October I had half of my thyroid removed and have been playing hormone balance games to try to "find myself" again. Those of you who have been here know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! OK, I'm breathing… breathing…

Over the last six months I went through a rapid onset of cataracts in both eyes. I realize it's no big deal as people live with them for years. However, for some reason, mine were here and taking my vision without being found so I felt like I was losing my eyesight without knowing why. Then, thank goodness, they were found and I had a reason for going blind and that made it so much easier. I had to wait until they were bad enough to repair and was happy that only took about 4 months. However, I was unable to drive myself, see myself, or see things around me. I couldn't shoot any "real" pictures because I couldn't see. I'm so thankful to have still been able to edit for one of my favorite photographers. She kept me busy all summer and that helped me keep my hands in the creative process. I just sat about 6 inches away from the computer screen. I also learned how to work my computer's voice so it could read emails to me.

So, now I'm back, from outer space. Wait, wrong song. Ok, I digress. I'm back in the game! I can see, I can walk, I have the house back in order after the girls left empty rooms behind. I'm sure I'll have my crazy brain in order any day now and I need to make some professional decisions. 

To shoot or not to shoot. To write or not to write. To create new art or not. I'm at this place where I want to share my heart, photography, art, ideas and stories. I really miss writing and want to do more of it. I can't maintain two blogs because I'm terrible at compartmentalizing who I am. I'm the same at home as I am at work and the same on Facebook as I am in person. I'm not good at all at being different people. I can't just show pictures here and then share my heart somewhere else. 

So, here's the deal, I'm going to transition into something new. I'm almost 50 years old, what better time to reinvent myself? Kelley Simpson Photography is going to change into Kelley Simpson Photography and some other stuff. 

Now, after almost a year of trying, I need to think about what to call myself. 

I'm building a blog of my very own where we can talk about real life and look at it in beautiful images. I am surrounded by amazing people and artists and I want you to see them and their work. Over 30 years of being a homemaker and a mom I think I have some secrets I can share with you that may bring you a little hope and peace of mind. I'd also like to share some homeschool adventures as Emma, my youngest, and I figure it all out.

I want to do this, I need to. Come with me, watch the transition or the train wreck. Either way, it'll be a fun adventure! 

So, tell me what you would like to see or hear about. Go ahead, don't be afraid to leave me a comment, they help me so much. I'm totally open to Blog name ideas because I've been coming up with some crazy ones and I think my sister is getting tired of me asking her everyday about each new name idea. Meanwhile, I'll be setting up my new site and bringing in some new content here. 

PS Don't say, "KELCO." Steve has already suggested it 1001 times and I still don't like it. I'm not a tire store.


oxox, Kelley


  1. What a lot of living you've done! I hope everything is balanced now & glad to hear that the cataracts are gone now. They can do some wonderful things, can't they?
    The first name that came to mind was "Through My Eyes". Definitely NOT KELCO! lol

    1. Oh! That's a great name! I'm putting that at the top of my list! Thanks for taking the time to read and participate. I appreciate it!

  2. Hey Kelley,
    Love reading your's like you're actually in the room talking; such is the way you write.

    So pleased to hear the challenges have been sorted and your fighting fit again and very much looking forward to seeing what you now write, photograph, tell etc...

    As for names...I'm thinking...however "Through my Eyes" I have to say is blooming' Perfect!!!

    Catch you soon,
    Glyn :)

    1. Thank you Glyn! I'm not sure if you really know how much you've encouraged me over the years but you have and I'm thankful for you. You've also inspired me to not give up. I've watched you grow as a wonderful artist and photographer because of all your hard work. Really, you push me along.
      Thank you for your support and kind words, they mean so much to me.

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  4. New blog post from Kelley - such a nice surprise to receive in my RSS feed ;-)
    Good to have you back here :-)
    The 'Through my Eyes' suggestions sound good to me. I'll have to put my creative thinking cap on.....
    .....Kelley Simpsons Wonder Emporium (hmm, too cheesy)....
    .....Kelley's Eye (hmm, more of a known phrase in UK, than US I think).....
    .....Kelley's Mind's Eye / My Mind's Eye (hmm)....
    .....Kelley's Visual Perspective / My Visual Perspective (weird I know but I'm working on the lines that you'll be sharing your outlook on things through the visual medium)....
    Well, I know they're not the best but I haven't had my morning caffeine fix as yet ;-)

    Take care,

    1. David! Nice to see you! Right now I feel like you'd fit in perfectly over here throwing out all the ideas. It's been going on for a long time! How about…. So many name ideas! Alix likes the idea of Candy Coated Chaos. That pretty much describes what goes on here. I was going with Beautiful Mess- however, I found the most wonderful blog (with over a million followers) that already has that name! I know we're close! I just need to find the right fit!
      And by the way, thank you for always being such a great supporter! You're a wonderful friend, you've been great, always!