Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Have an Idea #1

So I was thinking in the shower the other morning and I came to a conclusion. I need an Eye cam and I need it now.  I have this fabulous idea of having a camera implanted in my right eye.  No, really, how cool would that be?  Just think of it, no heavy equipment to carry around and you would always get the shot! It's water proof, and the kids will never get tired of having you pointing your camera in their faces. It would have to have a Ziess lens for sure, and it could be activated by a strong blink.  You would have those pictures of all the sweet expressions on people's faces, the ones they usually remove as soon as soon as they see the camera. I could capture that look my husband gives me from across the room ;-), and  I could finally get a picture of the fabulous light that trickles down my shower wall at about two thirty in the afternoon. 

It's just a thought. I can foresee a problem if you sneeze though...



  1. I can assure you Kelley you're not the only who has had such an idea. I've had such a requirement since my childhood days and watching Steve Austin / The Bionic Man, though admittedly the requirements / spec. for my augmented camera eye have got more extensive over the years ;-) The dynamic range for a start would certainly be better than any other film / digital camera currently in existence, and the 'portability' factor would certainly would make for more photographic opportunities. I'd still need the Steve Austin telephoto zoom modification though!

    Not quite the same thing but your post reminds me of the film "The Final Cut" with (the great) Robin Williams where people have a 'Zoë chip' implanted into their brain which records their entire life. A "rememory" film of your life can then be edited from it when you die for showing at your funeral. I guess our camera eye would be the predecessor to this :-)

  2. LOVE IT! I'm down for all of these things. I first got the idea while swimming with my kids, where is the camera when you need it? I find my favorite things to capture when I have no camera. At this point in my life I would be really happy with Jamie Summer's bionic ear. I'm so going to watch the suggested movie, sounds very interesting.

    Thanks for the comments, you got me thinkin' again.

  3. Hi Kelley,
    there have been loads of movies about this sort of thing. Great idea.
    put me down for two!