Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sara Rose

This week I finished up an edit of a really fun photo shoot with my sweet cousin Sara. Over the holiday, my family and I celebrated our annual Lipert family Christmas party. Every year we engage in our (new) traditional white elephant gift exchange. Being that we were strapped this year for superfluous gift money I decided to wrap up a couple of gift certificates for portrait shoots. This idea seemed to work out lovely as Sara was determined to get one of those, stealing, trading, and finally getting it last before it became dead in the water! I personally love when people want to have their pictures taken.

The lovely thing is Sara is beautiful and has modeling experience. Talk about an easy shoot. She couldn't make it to last years pin-up shoot in Covina so she opted to make up for that during this time. I hauled my pink backdrop, lights and the rest of my gear to her cute little apartment in Newport Beach. After three outfit changes and a pile of pictures we were done and it was an easy success. 

Sara is formally Miss Supercross, and she has raced motorcycles since she was a tiny girl. This year after a really hard crash she has made the VERY WISE decision to hang up her helmet and stop ridding. I'm happy that she's still here and in the whole scheme of life it is just one chapter closed so that another one can open. There's not doubt in my mind that she'll have many more adventures and so many wonderful things to do in her life time. 

Anyway, we had a blast together and I think we both got a pretty good workout. I was crawling around and standing on everything from her couch to her dinning room table, and she was up, down, upside down and sideways. As a result we got some pretty cute images and actually laughed pretty hard, my face hurt from smiling when I was done. 

So here they are, just a couple of images. Sara has ended up with about 60 images she can now use for her portfolio, and mine too ;-). What fun!

A little bit of classic pin up:

Some black and white action of course: 

And lastly, something really fun! So Cute!

So, that's a sneak peek of what we did and showing a bit of the variety. It seems ridiculous to me sometimes that this is a job, I never had this much fun at my other jobs...


  1. Hi Kelley, what a great series of shots for both your portfolios! And you are right, when it goes right its a ridiculous job! Great lighting and a little bit of boudoir mystery; fantastic!

    You have given me a few ideas....

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Thank you Noel. I will be looking forward to seeing what you do with those ideas!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Stunning work Kelley, really stunning!

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Thanks Glyn! As usual, always nice to hear from you, and what a nice compliment!! Fabulous! Thanks a million, Kelley

  5. Beautiful work Kelley. Looks like you both had fun whilst getting a great set of images.