Friday, January 14, 2011

I love PhotoJojo!

This year for Christmas, my mom gave me a gift certificate to Photojojo! This is a darling website that makes photography products. The products are not what you would expect, as in Canon, or Nikon lenses or lighting. They are the most darling little things from unusual camera bags, a coffee cup that looks like a lens, to a pair of glasses that have a camera in them.  Even the gift card is cute!

For a girl like me, who loves junk I could live the rest of my life without, I LOVE it!

PS the camera that comes attached to the gift card has a button on it that flashes when you push it. You can totally flash all your friends and family in the face like a paparazzi without the fear of taking a real picture!  Fabulous!

When I went online to place my order I was sad because it said my items were on back order but then they showed up on my doorstep like, four days later! I was giddy with excitement! So here are some really cheesy pictures of what I got:

Being that I shoot a lot of Interiors, I thought this little baby would be perfect. It's a hot shoe level. It slides right onto your camera and no matter what angle your camera is at you can check to see if it's level.  I usually use my husband's level and try to balance it on top or on the side of my camera. It's such a pain and not always very accurate. This little baby is going to change my life.

This little number is a stamp, and it comes with an ink pad. I did not need this at all, but I have a feeling there is going to be a tiny bit more sunshine in my life because I bought it. It's such a nice stamp and the ink covers the image so nicely! 
I have visions of using this on the back of a card or handmade book , possibly embossed in silver? Sparkly teal? Any color would look perfect as a camera!

Now, I really didn't need these adorable magnets, but I purchased them in a group along with the stamp and tiny picture holder below.  
I have a chalkboard wall in my workspace and the primer I used was metallic, thus, magnets STICK TO IT!!!.  I know, I'm very clever.  Anyway, these tiny cameras and roll of film are a perfect addition to my chalkboard.

Besides, look how cute they look on the wall next to my fabulous 
sparkly sssssspiders...

The last item that came in my group of fantastical junks was this sweet little picture holder. As a photographer, I ALWAYS need one more spot to slap up a picture. 

This picture is a wallet size image of my favorite nephew, MAX.  That will tell you how small it is.
PSS, Happy Birthday MAX!  He just turned 7 years old, and "so far, that's the oldest he's ever been." 

Here is the picture holder in it's natural environment,
I have added a second photo of Max's baby sister,
 my favorite niece, Nora.

Now when I'm supposed to be working, and that ADD moment comes, I can stare at their precious little faces and think of all the funny things they say and do.  Mmwwhhhaaa! 

In case I was not already in love they threw in this
itty bitty dinosaur into the box just to seal the
relationship, and it worked! 

That's it, that's all I have to say about that. 


  1. Hi Kelley, what a great haul! Great present to get, I like the dinosaur and the stamp, oh and a happy birthday to Max!

    All the best

  2. Noel,
    I know,Right? Who ever thought a plastic dino could be such a plus?
    Thanks a million for stopping by! I'll tell Max you said HB!

    Cheers! Kelley

  3. Wow! sounds like a great website! I will have to check it out! I have the PhotoJojo book! Any relation? The dinosaur would have won me over too! We are so easy that way :-0
    xoxo Kim

  4. Kim, Yes, total relation and I almost got the book from the site! lol. Thanks for coming by and for your comments!!

    oxox, back!

  5. Hi Kelley,

    I subscribe to the Photojojo mailer and love some of the stuff produced. Unfortunately shipping costs to UK and import duty make things way more expensive.
    Love the stamp btw!